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Upload your dossier cache file

Select the file by using the file browser.


What does this app do?

This app shows the contents of your locally cached WoT dossier data, which are used by the game to display data in the statistics tab in garage for each tank you drove. The data also contains a lot more additional information, which visualization is not yet implemented by, e.g. shots, hits, damage dealt, damage taken, spotted tanks, capture/defense points and so on for each of your tanks, also the amounts of different tanks you fragged (useful to find out the missing tanks to get the Master Tanker achievement).
Usage of the app is anonymous, the dossier data cannot be used to identify the submitter. Uploaded dossiers are not published publicly, thus if you do not save or share the link, the data will be forgotten.

How to locate your dossier cache file

Open "My Computer", paste the following location and press enter:


Depends on where WINEPREFIX is located, the default is: